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NOW HIRING: Senior PHP Developer

Company: Tilted Pixel
Headquarters: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

We are a digital agency seeking a highly experienced PHP developer to perform backend development on client sites and to build and enhance our backend infrastructure.

This is a remote hourly position with a guaranteed minimum of 20 hours/week.

Your primary responsibilities will be to:

  • Build and maintain a portfolio of custom ecommerce websites that sell digital products. Work includes building custom functionality, writing and troubleshooting billing code, and writing backend logic for user interfaces.
  • Maintain and add features to our custom ecommerce platform specifically built for selling digital products/recurring billing.
  • Advise on further improving our software development systems, and helping to build out a roadmap for future framework framework.

Position Requirements:

  • At least 5 years of experience working with PHP and the rest of the LAMP stack. If you’ve been using PHP long enough to remember the excitement of PHP 3 that’s a bonus 😉
  • Can demonstrate the ability to write production quality code oriented around maintainability, security, and speed.
  • Passionate about writing code and being in a position where you can spend most of your time getting to be a programmer (rather than meetings, emails, TPS reports, etc).
  • Committed to working in a remote programming position for the long-term. We’re looking for a candidate who can grow with us.
  • Experienced at managing multiple projects and deadlines. We are an agency so we have multiple active clients at any given time.
  • Prior experience with an MVC-based framework such as Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, or similar is a must.
  • Strong written English skills are a must. In particular must be able to clearly understand and follow software requirements written in English.
  • Must have fast and dependable internet connection, an appropriate work from home environment, and supply own computer and other technology.

Additional assets:

  • Experience with the Stripe API, especially Stripe Billing. We write a lot of complex billing code.
  • You are open to this position growing to full-time work eventually.

Benefits of working for us:

  • Fully remote work with flexible work schedule.
  • Guaranteed minimum of hours.
  • We care deeply about the work that we create for clients, the importance of good code, and wish to work with someone that has a similar mindset.

You should not apply if:

  • You don’t have a strong PHP MVC background or experience with writing efficient and secure code. This is an essential requirement.
  • You are only looking for temporary work.
  • You would rather work at an office.

Application must include:

  • Resume demonstrating your past work experience with PHP.
  • Cover letter explaining why you are a good fit for this position and why this position is a good fit for you and your goals.
  • Link to public git repo or attach sample code that is written by you and which you have permission to share.
  • Interviews will be held via Zoom, followed by written programming tests. This is a 100% remote position on a 100% remote team. We welcome applicants from around the world.

To apply please email making sure to include the above 3 items. We look forward to hearing from you.

Source: Remotely Awesome Jobs, We Work Remotely