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Company: Silver Lining
Headquarters: Remote

We are looking for ROCKSTARS to join our SLAPmanager Team. Our SLAPmanagers are our full time client facing team who are on the front lines – taking great care of our small business owners through their entire SLAPxperience.

This is not just another customer service or sales job. It is chance to be a part of a team that is completely dedicated to changing the economy – one small business at a time. It is a role that is SO important where you get to literally help small business owners around the world grow their businesses. Silver Lining values each and every team member – but our SLAPmanager Team is especially crucial to our success.

Our SLAPmanagers make sure small business owners sign up for our program, our customers are extraordinarily supported and their small businesses are growing and hitting their goals. This is a big job and a big opportunity and we are looking for people who are ready to take it on and help us help more small businesses make money doing what they love!

Join our Committed Team

Passionate about small businesses. Genuine Connections with our clients. Respectful of our company Heart & Brand. Excellence. Hustler. Resourceful. Hard Worker. Team Player. Clear and Candid Communicator. Responsible. Result-Driven. Strategic Thinker. Strong and Reliable Implementer. Trustworthy. Growth-Oriented. Problem-Solver.

The Perks

  • You get to learn a LOT about how to grow a business.
  • You get to work with incredible small business owners from all over the world and play a role in helping them succeed. You have real impact.
  • You get to be part of a fun, growing team dedicated to hitting goals and loving their work.
  • You get bonuses when you perform!
  • Work from anywhere and enjoy a high amount of freedom with the stability of a full time job.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Handle incoming Deals on Agile CRM
  • Manage all incoming Tickets and close them on time and with a great experience for our clients
  • Follow up every day on the issues faced by our clients until they are resolved by due date
  • Support all small businesses as they implement their business strategy and ensure that they are engaged – but more importantly – that they are hitting their business goals!!
  • Do Accountability Calls with the clients on a regular basis and implement all knowledge about behaviour change and our Ideal Client Journey – be the force that ensures our clients SUCCEED and hit their goals!
  • Client Interaction Notes must be documented & recorded
  • Manage Renewals and ensure that our clients don’t just have a SLAP(our SaaS product) – but that they develop the long term behaviour of constantly setting and hitting their growth goals
  • Constantly tweak scripts, processes, standards based on experience

Requirements & Qualifications:

  • You care about small business and have either been a small business owner, have come from a family with a small business and/or have worked with or for small business owners before.
  • You are not afraid of the word “sales”. But you realize that “sales” is simply being able to understand someone’s need and fill it. And you are great at that!
  • You have worked in relationship management before. You have a proven track record of being able to build relationship with people, understand their needs and show them that you can meet them.
  • You are a great written and verbal communicator – you are to the point but do it with personality and can understand people’s needs and connect with them.
  • You have used CRM/ Ticket Management tools like Agile, Salesforce, Zendesk or Help Scout before and you are totally comfortable tracking your work in these tools.
  • You are goal oriented and you are determined to succeed and hit your goals. Knowing you have a number of sign ups to accomplish each month and a success rate to help the small businesses you work with achieve motivates you.
  • You pay attention to detail and we can rely on you to be close to error free in your follow ups, data entry and client communication.
  • You love the idea that you are actually going to make a big difference in the lives of a lot of small business owners around the world! You will literally help them grow their businesses and accomplish their dreams!
  • You have worked virtually before and you are self motivated, disciplined and know that you will work well with this freedom and reality.

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