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NOW HIRING: Marketing Professional

Company: MindsDB
Headquarters: Berkeley, California, United States

MindsDB is a venture capital funded startup with a fully remote team. We are backed by YCombinator, the founders of MariaDB (OpenOcean), and Apache Storm. We are an open-source autoML for developers with a vision to democratize machine learning.

We are seeking an experienced marketing professional to join our team. They will ideally have experience with Open Source and skills across a variety of functions including growth marketing, social media strategy and campaign optimization.




  • Develop & execute marketing and outreach strategy targeting developers to grow our open source product & targeting enterprise clients (CTOs etc.) to grow our sales funnel.
  • Execute day-to-day marketing and advertising operations e.g. campaign planning, deployment & ad optimization.
  • Test, monitor and analyze campaigns to provide insights and recommendations for future experiments.
  • Manage campaign budgets and allocate effectively within platforms, campaigns, and creative.
  • Propose and drive forward new projects related to digital marketing, e.g. Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation.


  • Facebook/twitter/Google ads experience.
  • Proven track record designing a marketing strategy in a technical field.
  • Deeply analytical: as a technical company we love data and love to make decisions using that data to make things better, and that extends to our marketing team.
  • Experience building, executing, and scaling social marketing programs.
  • Digital marketing experience (email campaigns, website support, social or paid media.)
  • Growth hacker mindset & a performance-based marketing approach.

Bonus points:

  • Experience in targeting the developer community (preferably open source.)
  • Experience with the challenges of marketing an open-source project.
  • Experience at a previous early-stage startup

Source: We Work Remotely, MindsDB

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