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NOW HIRING: Marketing Team Member

Company: AmaZix
Headquarters: Remote

Job Description

Marketing Team Member (Blockchain – Remote)

AmaZix’s PR and Marketing division handles day to day operations of community management, social media content creation, long form and visual content creation for various blogs and news sites (i.e.: earned media, paid content, Medium), in addition to marketing research, strategies, and ongoing implementation (i.e.: viral giveaways, contests, email drip campaigns, etc).

Now is your chance to become the newest team member of the PR and Marketing division of AmaZix. We are searching for someone experienced in marketing, which skills include crafting and/or deploying holistic marketing strategies for our clients.

Other skill areas such as online content creation, proofreading/editorial skill, social media management, client presentations, onpage SEO, PPC, and related are all welcome.

Applicants should be prepared to work in an online remote environment, utilizing Telegram, Discord, and Zoho Projects for collaboration and work assignments, and are expected to learn and become well versed in multiple projects being represented by AmaZix, while contributing with creative ideas and solutions on a daily basis. A typical week may include creation of buyer’s personas for a project, long form written content for another project, and collation of unique selling points for another project, in addition to brainstorming and bi-weekly update meetings.

This is a 40-hours per week, Monday through Friday full-time position in US or EU time zones, and is considered entry-level. Payments are made in USDT on the 5th working day of each month. There is a 30-day probationary period for this position. Payment rate is $1,000 USD for the probationary period and $2,500 USD standard for all following months.


  • 3+ years in marketing strategy development
  • 3+ years in online content creation (written as a primary focus);
  • Some knowledge of the Blockchain space required;
  • Experience in online marketing;
  • Being able to get results with small budgets;
  • Strong understanding of project management software, deadlines, multitasking, G-Suite, and other word processing tools;
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken);
  • Be able to receive and process your own payments in USDT;
  • Be able to attend bi-weekly meetings
  • Have a ERC-20 private wallet

This is a remote position.


Enjoy working remotely with a diverse team in a challenging and changing market segment. Company culture promotes and encourages out of the box solutions and new ideas. Get the chance to learn new Blockchain projects early in their development period before they come to market and challenge yourself to write about an ever changing set of topics from security, eco-conscious, health, economic, gaming, and more!

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