NOW HIRING: Marketing Engineer

Company: Jilt,
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Howdy 👋 We’re the folks at SkyVerge, where we build tools that help over 100k+ eCommerce brands grow and manage their businesses. Our team is 100% remote, with 29 people distributed all over the world. Our most popular products are:

  • Jilt – an email marketing platform built for eCommerce that helps stores engage and delight their customers with emails that drives sales.
  • WooCommerce Memberships – a full-featured membership site solution for stores running WooCommerce.

We’re looking for an adept, detail-oriented engineer to join our team and lead development on marketing projects.

The Role

You’ll work closely with your teammates on the marketing and engineering teams to develop features, improvements, and infrastructure to support our marketing website (built on WordPress) in areas like performance, stability, conversion optimization (through A/B testing), and security.

While the majority of your time will initially be spent on website features and improvements, you’ll also work on marketing projects like customer-facing tools (browser extensions and other engineering-as-marketing initiatives), analytics, and internal projects. You’ll also have the opportunity to work on the Jilt app (built on Ruby/Rails) in areas that overlap with marketing.

As the first engineering team member embedded with our marketing team, you’ll have a significant amount of ownership over projects. You’ll help design best practices, decide on libraries & tooling, and champion technical solutions to marketing challenges. The right person for this role is someone who is excited to tackle new challenges across several areas, enjoys learning new technical skills across a variety of languages and technologies, and wants to contribute to multiple areas of the company.

You’ll join an existing team of engineers and marketers, but will manage several projects independently. You’ll be responsible for taking ideas from inception to execution, and keeping our team and users informed. You’ll also be responsible for moving your projects forward, communicating milestones with others, and clearly documenting your work. As a remote-first, 100% distributed team, great communication and internal artifacts are a key part of our success.

Here are some things you may do on a given day:

  • Refactor a custom plugin that collects and records analytics data
  • Implement a new marketing analytics tool by connecting our backend systems through their REST API
  • Work with our design team to implement a new design for a landing page
  • Research and write a pitch to implement continuous integration/deployment for the website
  • Construct a migration to move from a WordPress multisite network to a single site
  • Triage the Sentry queue for exceptions that need investigation and resolution
  • Develop an internal app to centralize reporting for our business analytics
  • Analyze a slow area of our website and identify ways to substantially improve the performance
  • Design automated tests to catch regressions to key conversion funnels on the website

On the first day you will:

  • Meet your team and get familiar with how we work
  • Setup your local environment and tooling
  • Commit a small tweak to the codebase and ship it to production

In the first week you will:

  • Develop, QA, review, and ship a small improvement
  • Participate in code review for a teammate’s code
  • Help a team member with fixing a bug

In the first month you will:

  • Work closely with the marketing team to ship a large improvement
  • Publish a retrospective on your first large project to share successes & planned improvements for the next project

Who you’ll work with:

  • Justin Stern, CTO – You’ll work with Justin to learn how our engineering team works together, and understand how various systems operate.
  • Max Rice, CEO – Max is very hands-on with our marketing and you’ll work closely with him to architect and implement solutions.
  • Josh Catone, Head of Content – You’ll work with Josh to help leverage content throughout our marketing
  • You’ll also work with the rest of the product (Jules, Beka, Lindsey) & engineering (Chase, Jared, Fulvio, Deiva, Will, Lucas, Jonathan, Wes, Artan, Jackie, Alex) teams to review one another’s work and collaborate on projects.


To succeed in this position, you should have:

  • Deep experience & proficiency in WordPress, including theme and plugin development
  • Experienced with JavaScript, and familiar with front-end frameworks like React
  • An excitement to work on many different technologies across multiple projects
  • You love writing code that’s clear, self-documenting (but you know that self-documenting doesn’t mean zero comments), and standards-compliant. You’re most comfortable writing PHP, but as a polyglot developer, you enjoy working with other languages like Ruby or JavaScript, and learning entirely new languages as needed. You have deeper experience working with WordPress and know when to write a custom code vs. leverage an existing plugin to solve a problem.

You also love data and working with complex queries in SQL, when needed. You love keeping up-to-date with the latest best practices and tools, and are constantly tweaking and improving the way you work. You know how to operate a hydraulic press, or at least watched a YouTube video about them and think they’re totally rad.

You’re excited to solve engineering challenges in the most pragmatic way possible, and most importantly, you keep the end user in mind and love getting feedback from customers and teammates to help improve our products and tooling.

Finally, you can’t wait to join a growing team that loves their work as much as you do, affords the opportunity to work on challenging & interesting projects, continuously learn and improve, and constantly ship your work. You’re a great writer and can communicate effectively whether drafting up a bug report, chatting in Slack, editing a wiki page, or creating a retrospective. You know that code is about communication and explaining your thought process clearly goes hand-in-hand. You can communicate fluently in English, or at least as close as anyone can come to fluent English, because really, it’s English.

Our team is fully-remote and we communicate primarily through Slack, Clubhouse, Google Docs, Basecamp, and a few short meetings via Zoom — we believe the best work happens when given lots of uninterrupted time that’s free of distractions.

As a remote team, we believe that regular meetups are invaluable for getting to know each other better, so you should be available for 1-2 company-paid team trips per year. Curious about what those are like? Check out our recap of our last team retreat (SkyTrip), which brought the entire team to a Scottish estate for a week. It’s a plus if you think (like we do) that bears are absolutely the coolest animals in the forest. 🐻You can see what the team has to say about working with us here.

This is a full-time, salaried position, but the hours are flexible. We know your work will speak for itself with pull requests, code reviews, and wiki edits.


After an initial screening, you’ll get an email with a few questions to answer. Following that, you’ll have a few 45 minute chats with different people on our team to learn more about you and answer any questions you have about the position and company.

The most qualified candidates will then be invited to complete a short one-day research project, to help you get a sense for the kind of things that you’d work on in the position, and help us learn more about how you think. We’ll select a single candidate to be offered a full-time position, and then the real fun begins! 😄


Here are some benefits we’re happy to offer to our team members:

  • Competitive salary
  • 27 days of paid time-off, in addition to 2 company holidays (SkyVerge Day in March, Founders Day in June 😀)
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance for US and Canadian residents and their families (reimbursements for comparable care for non-US/Canadian residents)
  • 401k/RRSP Retirement plan with 4% company match for US/Canadian residents (contributions to comparable plans for non-US/Canadian residents)
  • 8 weeks paid parental leave for new mothers and fathers
  • Work flexible hours from anywhere that has a reliable internet connection
  • Tools (hardware/software) to help you be productive
  • Allowance for professional growth (books, courses, conferences)
  • Home office or co-working allowance
  • A Kindle to help you keep learning

We support workplace diversity and do not discriminate on any protected class. We believe when we work together as a team of different views, experiences, and ideas, we can build amazing things.

Applications accepted through September 20th.


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