NOW HIRING: Firefox Senior Sync Engineer

Company: Mozilla
Headquarters: Global

Why join Mozilla engineering?

Learn: Code review at Mozilla includes pushing to passionate contributors around the world. Building Firefox and its family of products requires knowledge up and down the stack, and extremely high standards for security and optimization. Beyond the browser, we’re developing AR/VR, IoT, and voice recognition products that respect and protect privacy.

Grow: We’re dedicated to helping every team member develop. We give engineers trust and responsibility from day one, offer generous stipends for learning opportunities, and provide mentorship, especially around key leadership skills like collaboration and clear, kind communication.

Make Your Mark: We’re small but mighty, challenging the biggest behemoths on the internet with a staff the size of their marketing departments. That means every engineer can have an outsized impact on products that touch tens of millions of users—ultimately influencing how the entire internet works.

The Role

Are you a curious software developer who is motivated by learning continuously and working collaboratively in the open? Perhaps you already know why Rust is the most-loved programming language, or maybe you are ready to learn it and love it too? If so, we would like to talk with you about coming to work at Mozilla, where you can join our small global team to help build a connected Firefox experience.

What you’ll do:

  • Provide Firefox users with a seamless experience managing and accessing their personal browsing data (history, bookmarks and more) across platforms and devices.
  • Evolve the components that are at the core of new products, such as Firefox Lockwise and Firefox Preview, and extend their use across the Firefox family of products.
  • Build new cross-platform components for storing and syncing user data.
    Improve our team practices and skills through providing constructive feedback, timely reviews and well-documented ideas.

What you already do:

  • You have strong knowledge of web or native app development practices in languages such as JavaScript, Kotlin or Swift and experience shipping large applications as part of a team.
  • You’ve had some exposure to Rust or you are willing to become fluent through daily use.
  • When you are building applications, you are trusted to work independently because you communicate with all colleagues to understand the business value, operational impact and security implications of your changes.
  • You clearly express your ideas to your peers and you maximize your impact by sharing what you’ve learned through documentation and demos.

What will make you happier here:

  • You are comfortable working remotely as part of a distributed team, where you regularly consider how to improve asynchronous communication.
    A desire to ship well-crafted code which highlights your professionalism in its consideration for the user experience and positive impact on the team objectives.
  • You are curious and not afraid of taking on complex tasks that are outside your existing knowledge domain.
  • You have experience beyond web applications where you’ve worked with multi-functional teams on desktop or mobile applications.
  • Feel good about your work again.

At Mozilla, we’re serving humanity—by maintaining a safe, open internet—while also helping the individual humans employed here to reach their personal and professional goals. With a relatively small team serving hundreds of millions of people, a culture of exploration, and a commitment to mentorship, opportunities abound to learn and grow at Mozilla.

Our values drive our actions

  • Purpose is built into our work, with our mission driving every decision
  • We challenge assumptions, the status quo, ourselves, and each other
  • We are transparent: in our code, our business partnerships, and our everyday interactions
  • We seek out people from diverse backgrounds and with perspectives different from our own
  • We pair purpose with performance and put people ahead of profit

Our impact is global

  • 1000+ paid staff from over 30 countries
  • Thousands of volunteer contributors across six continents
  • 10 global offices: Beijing, Berlin, London, Paris, Mountain View, Portland, San Francisco, Taipei, Toronto and Vancouver
  • Hundreds of home offices globally

Our benefits are world-class

  • Flexible work environment (nearly half of Mozillians work remotely)
  • Industry-leading paid parental leave (up to 26 weeks of fully paid leave for childbearing parents and up to 12 weeks for non-childbearing parents)
  • Reimbursement for professional development (up to $3,000/year)
  • A work setup including the latest hardware and software of your choice
  • Wellness programs—we reimburse up to $1700/year for expenses like child and elder care, mental wellness, and personal enrichment

About Mozilla

A lot of companies say they’re “mission-driven.” Our unique corporate structure guarantees that every decision we make upholds our mission: to make sure the internet stays available, safe, and welcoming to everyone. Beholden to neither shareholders nor investors, Mozilla Corporation is wholly owned by the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation.

Along with 20,000+ volunteer contributors and collaborators all over the world, Mozilla Corporation’s staff designs, builds, and distributes software that allows people to enjoy the internet on their own terms. Our flagship product — the Firefox browser — has expanded into a family of products that protects users and alerts them of risks. Mozilla’s Emerging Technologies group incubated and sponsors Rust — Stack Overflow’s “most loved programming language” for the last four years — and is building safe, private versions of virtual reality, internet of things, and voice recognition.

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