NOW HIRING: Engineers & Developers

Company: Exponential
Headquarters: Emeryville, California, United States

Established company looking for mature generalists to contribute remotely. You can be anywhere in the world so as long as you:

● Are self-motivated and can work independently
● Have experience with many languages but can be effective in any language
● Appreciate that all mature software solutions accumulate technical debt and understand how to continually reduce debt and complexity
● Understand how to build highly reliable systems and be responsible for taking code to production
● Understand that code simplicity and readability are more important for long term maintainability
● Want to work on challenging problems and impactful work without being micromanaged

We’re hiring across disciplines for engineers who work with Unix and have fluent written and spoken English:

● Backend Servers: Strong in C and Concurrency
● Backend Servers: Strong in Java
● Data Science: Strong in Math/Physics/CS + Python, Linux, SQL
● Javascript: Strong in Javascript, HTML5 canvas, CSS, JS Video Libraries, Developed frameworks
● Frontend Development: Strong in Angular / React / Vue JS and Node JS, Data intensive dashboards, frontend design and architecture patterns

Full-time only. Remote only. Please email if this sounds like the right fit for you.

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