NOW HIRING: Apache Cassandra Engineer

Company: DataStax
Headquarter: Silicon Valley, California, United States

DataStax delivers the always-on, Active Everywhere distributed hybrid cloud database built on Apache Cassandra™. We are seeking a talented Apache Cassandra Engineer to join our team.

Job Description:

We’re looking for talented software engineers with a passion for learning and a systems-oriented view of software engineering to join our team working full-time on Apache Cassandra. In this position you will be working in an important role on a complex infrastructure project used by many major organizations across the world, collaborating with engineers both within DataStax and without to improve the project.

You’ll work towards becoming a committer on the Apache Cassandra project and develop relationships with some of the best distributed systems engineers in the world in this role. If you want to work on the most interesting problems of your career with the most collaborative and skilled peers you’ve ever worked with, this might be the role for you!

In this position, you’ll take a leadership role in maintaining and improving Apache Cassandra. Collaborating with engineers from across the world at many diverse companies, you’ll work on the open-source project, reproducing, fixing, and testing solutions and improvements for complex issues in large distributed environments.

Engineers on this team collaborate extensively with internal teams across DataStax to coordinate for releases, supporting existing customers through defect fixes and improvements, and reviewing and advising on documentation for the project.

We’re looking for engineers that have a knack for untangling complex knots in code-bases and concurrent systems, with expertise in a C-lineage language (C++, Java, C#, etc). A gut passion for quality, elegance, and simplicity in solutions and code is critical in this role and on this project. If you’re comfortable navigating multi-threaded systems and applying algorithms in large-scale software systems (or if you want to be!), this would probably be a great fit for you.

As a remote first company, things are a little different at DataStax. We primarily communicate via chat on Slack, via video calls, or via email async. This environment is awesome for the right person; work-life balance, the ability to focus without interruption for long periods of time, being able to spend time with your family and greet the kids when they get home from school: all of these are huge benefits of working from home, with the added benefit of being included in discussions and decision-making with an engineering org that’s fully remote.

Given how much of our work takes place via text and remotely, it’s critical that you have excellent written communication skills and that you’re a self-starter; nobody will be watching over your shoulder in a cubicle here!

Essential Job Functions:

  • Author, debug, and improve code in the open-source Apache Cassandra project
  • Collaborate with engineers both within and without DataStax on complex, interesting problems and solutions
  • Participate in the project direction and conferences for Apache Cassandra
  • Help prepare different teams for Apache Cassandra releases (documentation, field, etc)
  • Work remotely full-time, discussing things with your peers over Slack, email, or video chat
  • Job Requirements:
  • Comfortable in a c-lineage language that supports the OO paradigm (C++, Java, C#, rust, go, etc)
  • Ability to work autonomously, self-manage your time, and to an extent self-direct when given high level strategic priorities
  • Ability to communicate clearly with peers and stakeholders via text (JIRA, slack, email)
  • A desire to learn and grow daily, both technically and w/soft-skills interpersonally
  • An open-minded and collaborative attitude
  • Experience with concurrency


Source: Remote Global, DataStax