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NOW HIRING: Engineering Manager

Company: Authority Partners
Headquarters: Irvine, California, United States

If you are eager to find an exciting, remote career opportunity within the IT industry and you have extensive and relevant managerial experience, Authority Partners might have a place just for you!

We are looking for a resourceful individual with great organizational, managerial and leadership skills to assume the position of Engineering Manager at Authority Partners. The Engineering Manager’s primary responsibility is the under budget, efficient and timely delivery of highest quality, effective solutions to our clients. He/she is also responsible for hiring new consultants, negotiating salaries, increasing performance and job satisfaction, as well as career planning. Since Engineering Manager would be in constant communication with departments and teams across our global company, as well as with the client side, our perfect candidate is someone who deeply understands business of engineering and software production while having excellent interpersonal and leadership skills.

So, if you consider yourself as someone sharp-minded, proactive and ready to make quick and adequate decisions all while taking great care of the engineering teams, do not hesitate, read on and apply!


  • Managing, organizing and coordinating dedicated teams’ activities
  • Showing initiative, taking action and agility in overall work
  • Being independent, innovative and proactive in solving work-related challenges
  • Working closely with the CEO and other stakeholders on developing and understanding company strategy
  • Ensuring that the strategic goals are communicated and implemented in the teams under EM’s supervision and that the consultants under his/her supervision apply all relevant internal policies and procedures of the company
  • Closely working with Team Leads, Program Managers, and Program Architects to monitor and improve solution delivery performance of all teams and on all programs under his/her supervision
  • Managing consultant lifecycle under his/her supervision (recruitment, onboarding, mentorship, career/performance management, promotions, etc.)
  • Making hiring decisions and managing organizational changes (reallocation requests)
  • Managing performance and ensuring an adequate level of satisfaction, motivation and engagement of teams under his/her supervision
  • Providing, encouraging and fostering quality communication, team collaboration and co-operation within and between teams
  • Making decisions on promotions, salaries and bonuses for the teams under his/her supervision
  • Empowering and motivating consultants under his/her supervision to acquire the most relevant professional knowledge in latest methods and technologies
  • Organizing and coordinating internal knowledge sharing initiatives and workshops
  • Planning, creating and carrying out activities that foster organizational culture, strategic alignment, motivation and engagement of teams under his/her supervision
  • Maintaining positive working environment and acting as a positive role model
  • Providing continuous guidance and constructive feedback to consultants
  • Monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Communicating with clients regarding consultants’ performance and assignment to the program


  • At least 5 years of team leadership experience within the IT industry
  • Understanding of IT technology and industry trends
  • Highly developed leadership skills. Having ability to inspire, coach, develop vision, and demonstrate excellence by leading by example
  • Great at resolving issues and building frictionless work environment
  • Great communication style. Being eloquent, professional, good listener, proposing solutions, developing rapport, building consensus
  • Openness to new experiences. Embracing new ideas, exploring them, and expanding upon them
  • Self-motivated. Driven to excel and provide solutions
  • Analytical mind. Ability to analyze situations and report on influencing factors, possible outcomes, and optimal solutions
  • Creative thinking and proactivity. Ability to propose innovative, out-of-the-box solutions
  • Client-centered. Ensuring that business needs of the clients are satisfied and on point
  • Collaborative. Understanding organization interdependencies and wanting to help others reaching their goals


Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Management, MBA (preferably) but if you’re passionate and have the experience that backs up your abilities, for us, talent outweighs degree every time


  • Opportunity to work with people who are at the top of their field
  • Career growth
  • Collaborative learning environment
  • Working in teams with global IT experts
  • Working on enterprise level applications


Authority Partners is a leading and global IT services company with over 22 years of experience, serving clients within the financial, healthcare, insurance, mortgage and technology sectors among many others. We are committed to building relationships with IT professionals who possess integrity, dedication, teamwork, and the desire to learn and grow with us. We specialize in placement for long-term contract and permanent opportunities and helping our consultants achieve their career success.

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