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Rosanna Webb

Hi! Welcome to my virtual haven! I’m Rosanna Webb, the founder of this site. I’m a freelancer who works online. My workplace is actually anywhere. I work remotely to clients around the world and this is exactly what I enjoy about freelancing. I can work everywhere and anytime I want. I’ve discovered freelancing through my co-workers in a company that is owned and operated by our American bosses.

My tasks vary as a virtual assistant and they were all done online. I write SEO blogs/articles that  are published to the company website, WordPress, Blogger and to article directories like ezine that contains internal and external links, tags, meta tags, images and videos. Also, I handle company pages and social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and grow their network by generating targeted followers related to their niche for leads.

Prior to this, I was a Marketing Assistant in an online publishing where we do internet marketing. Here, I’m also a forum moderator and a writer. I create forum thread, accept members, publish posts, replies to questions/comments by members, filter contents and bans/kick violators. On the other hand, I also write optimized blogs, sales letters, autoresponders and video scripts for e-books.

I was able to land a Marketing position in that online publishing company due to my experience working in a local newspaper as an Advertising consultant wherein I sell advertising space to companies, business owners and even to politicians for their election campaigns. Part of the job is to cover events such as product launch, parties, press conference and write a feature article for these potential advertisers that is published under newspaper’s Lifestyle section as a way to get them to subscribe and advertise with us.

With the background and work experiences from my previous companies, I was able to penetrate the world of freelancing. I’ve worked with clients from United States (US), Australia, Spain, Austria, Canada and United Kingdom (UK). Working with them expanded my knowledge, skills and experience in working online. From writing and marketing, these branched out to SEO writing, internet marketing, social media marketing/management, email marketing, link building, forum moderation and administration.

Today, many people would also like to freelance for convenience with the aspiration of earning more. As a freelancer myself, I would like to share my knowledge to my fellow freelancers and offer my assistance to those who would like to become a freelancer like me. I created this site to support and connect to all freelancers around the world while providing tips and useful information about freelancing to aspiring freelancers. You are all welcome to visit this virtual hub!